July 28, 2009

When the Fighting Stops

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Wow… Haha. I’m happy to announce that this is my LAST MAJOR PROJECT for the album!!!! I am now pretty much done with all mixing/remastering!!! I just have  to go over my current songs one last time, record some piano playing of my friend Daniel Brottman, and then viola! CD-ready audio!!!

Of course, I still need to design all the album art… haha…

Anyway, some info about the song… this is one of my older songs. I originally wrote it for a Newgrounds audio competition. For the current version, I’ve completely reshaped the sound… it’s quite amazing what you can do without really changing any notes… just working with levels, panning, etc.

Hope you enjoy it. The song is my tribute to pacifism. I intended to paint a picture about war and how “When the Fighting Stops” nothing is left…


July 25, 2009


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Well, I’m proud to announce that I have officially reached the 10 song mark! I just finished “Life” this morning and have uploaded it for your listening pleasure. Now there are just two songs left before the album is ready!!! I am very excited and I hope you are too.

July 21, 2009

Seven Years to Come

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I’m pretty much running out of ways to introduce new song releases, so I’ll just keep this brief. I’ve just finished remixing “Seven Years to Come” and it was actually A LOT easier than expected. The real pain was mostly editing the piano note volumes 😛 . Anyhow, this is more of a slower, less  rhythmic song than my other ones. Some would describe it as ambient, but I’m not so sure about that. Anyhow, the instrumentation is much smaller. Rather than a huge orchestra, the sound is focused between a piano, cello, and flute. There are also some guitar chords for just a slight bit of rhythm.

Check it out. Feedback appreciated.

July 20, 2009


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As I near the completion of my album, I am getting more and more excited! Haha, I can barely sleep from it.

Anyhow, just thought I’d let you know that I’ve completed “Dawn” and uploaded it today. It’s not yet on the listen page because mixpod is down right now, but I will put it up ASAP.

This is a song that I wrote a while ago. It’s one of my first songs, and actually one of my simplest. But it is full of energy and excitement, unlike most of my other songs, which usually take a more serious tone. I think I’ve greatly improved upon the original version, taking meticulous care to really reshape its sound (added in some awesome new drum fills also).

The song features some nice sound effects, such as some techno synths as well as bird chirps.

I really hope you like it! Listen (as soon as it’s up).

July 17, 2009


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After finishing “Salvation Forest” I felt ready to take up the challenge of remixing/mastering again. I’m happy to announce that just four days later I have another song uploaded, and ready for your listening pleasure! The song is “Midnight” and this is one of the mosre recent songs I’ve written.

This entire song was inpired by just a very short melody/theme that came to me one day. I immediately recorded the tune on my cellphone and then decided to see how far I could take it. It ended up becoming a full song!

You might notice that the song is a little reptitive, but I tried to keep it interesting by addign some dynamic elements to it. Please let me know what you think: Listen.

July 13, 2009

Salvation Forest

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Yet again I found my mind becoming fatigued from just remastering old songs. I needed to let out a little pent up creativity (after all, I am primarily a composer, not a mix engineer 😛 ). So, I’ve spent the past few days hard at work on a new piece. I felt rusty at first after not writing for so long, but in the end I got it down, and I am fairly satisfied with the final piece.

This was actually a song that I started a while ago. I found it in my “New Song Ideas” folder, where I save just tiny snippets of music which I spontaneously think of. While writing, the song totally took on a life of its own, and it ended up being nothing at all like what I thought it would be. In this song, I’ve sprinkled in some ethnic percussion which I’ve always had a soft spot for (nothing like a bongo, eh?) and used a slightly less obvious structure.

As always, the title for the song was inspired by the feeling the song gave me. I think the bongos and the chords combined to give me feeling of a forest environment. The distinct image in my head was of being lost in a forest with no supplies, and just looking up at the thick green leaves and seeing a crack of light peek through…

Let me know what you think! Listen

July 8, 2009

Internet Explorer…

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This really isn’t “news” persay… but I’d just thought I would vent my frustration here. My sentiments right now can be expressed in one simple sentence: I hate internet explorer.

Please, if you are using IE, SWITCH. I implore you to. Internet explorer is an absolutely terribly browser which makes all web designers’ lives so much more difficult.

Anyhow… basicaly I’ve just made some minor changes to the site. It’s nothing that would affect firefox, chrome, opera, or safari users. But for the IE users out there, I’ve just put some serious time into fixing bugs with IE’s rendering system. The good news is, my website will now finally display correctly in essentially all major browsers. Hooray!

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