November 21, 2009

Teddy Bear Music!

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I have some exciting news for you all!

Last month, I was contacted by award-winning composer Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. Alex works with Immediate Music (one of America’s biggest trailer music production houses), and has scored dozens of trailers for block-buster films, such as X-men Origins and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Alex Dimitrijevic decided that he wanted to begin his own trailer music production company, and thus Teddy Bear Music was born. Teddy Bear Music’s first CD “Smash the Screen” features mostly tracks by Aleksandar, but there are also a few other composers whose songs have been included. I am one of those lucky few who Alex wanted to include in the project!

Remixed versions of my songs “Life” and “Forsaken” are featured on this CD, and the CD is currently making it’s way into the hands of trailer production houses! With any luck, this could be the big break for my music career :).

I will keep you guys updated about anything new that happens with my two tracks on the CD. Hopefully they get licensed by some trailer houses!

I am extraordinarily grateful to Aleksandar Dimitrijevic for taking interest in my music. Seeing myself on the composers page of Teddy Bear Music was really an honor! I’d also like to thank Trailer Music News for posting the article which allowed Alex to find my music.

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