December 23, 2009

Strong Truths feature

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Just a quick new update. I was recently featured in a short article on Strong Truths. Read the article:

Thanks to Gene for doing this! I encourage you all to check out her website:Strong Truths

December 8, 2009


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I just checked iTunes and realized that my songs are already up! That was a lot faster than I expected :). So, yea, any of you who have been hesitant to order from my online shop, you can now grab some my tunes from the world’s leading online music store!

Here’s the online link:

(or just search for “Sycross” in iTunes)

TMN Interview

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After seeing me as one of the composers on Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s CD “Smash the Screen,” Michael Morone from Trailer Music News contacted me about potentially posting an article about me. We talked on a AIM for a bit and then concluded that an interview would be the best way to do this.

I just sent in my responses yesterday, and the interview is officially up! Check it out at Thanks a bunch to Trailer Music News for doing this!

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