December 22, 2011

In-home Recording Setup

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Hey guys,

Don’t know if I’ve shared this yet, but my family has moved from my hometown in Hoffman Estates, IL (a suburb of Chicago), to Grove City, OH (near Columbus).

This doesn’t really affect me since I spend most of my time in college, but I am home right now in my family’s new house for winter break :).

Since I’m usually pretty busy during the school year, I really want to get some music work done over break. At Cornell, we have a pretty lengthy break actually (over 5 weeks). Hopefully I can get a lot done in that time, while also spending some time relaxing with family and friends.

Currently, I’m prepping a space in the house for top-notch recording quality (yay, for audiophilism!). Anyhow, I thought I’d share with you all some pics of the “studio” space. It’s pretty ghetto (or so I think).

It’s a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but basically I’ve taken a decently-sized closet and cut it in half by inserting a “wall” of cardboard boxes (something of which my family is in no shortage) in the center. On one side of the wall is the mic surrounded by six home-made acoustic panels and on the other side is a space for my laptop and audio interface.

Hope this makes someone smile.

Happy Holidays everyone :)!

July 7, 2010

Memory of Everything (BETA)

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I first want to sincerely apologize that I haven’t released any new music lately. I’ve been pretty busy with school. But now that I’ve graduated from high school, I’m going to have plenty of free time to work on new music over the summer!

Hopefully I can finish a new album, or perhaps just an EP before I head off to college!

Anyhow, this new song is something completely new and different for me. It is the first song I’m publishing that has vocals in it. And I had a lot of fun experimenting with vocal effects and overlaying my voice (hopefully I didn’t overdo it!). To be honest, this could probably be classified as kind of a soft/alternative rock-ish song. But for those of you who are fans of my instrumental stuff, don’t worry! I plan to continue making instrumental/orchestral pieces also. This is just me trying to expand my musical horizons (plus, I love singing).

Lastly, I put a lot of passion into this song. It is more personally significant to me than anything else I’ve written before. I really hope that all of my emotions come through in this song.


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