September 19, 2010

Alcatraz (BETA)

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This is perhaps one of the darkest songs I’ve written so far. I came up with the idea in mid-summer, but didn’t have the time to finish it up until now. I spent a disgustingly large amount of time fine-tuning effects, EQs, and volumes, so I hope that this shows when you listen!

Most of my music isn’t really inspired by any particular band, but this song definitely has heavy influence from years of me loving Linkin Park. So if you like Linkin Park, I hope you like this song as well!

I present to you: “Alcatraz.” Please enjoy, and don’t forget to comment!


I’ve caged up my tears
And boxed up the bloody smears
Of a day and an age
That hardly seems real anymore
But still, the pain,
Lingers inside of me
I’ve fought away the symptoms
But the illness remains

I live for the pain,
A heart filled with disdain,
I drive by the world in my
What has become of the smile I used to know]

Around my eyes, around my mind,
I’ve built a dam
But what I try to lock out
I only lock in
And now the inmates of my broken heart,
They flow through my veins
Eating away at the
Inside of me


Is there hope for the hopelessly lost?
Is there sight for the blind?
Is there a path forged by all the footsteps
That have strayed from the road.
And where does it lead?

‘Cause I’m tired of trying
Not to feel


Used to know…
used to know…
used to know…

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