July 21, 2010

Together Apart (BETA)

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This is one of my personal favorites to date. A song about hope, about life, about leaving for college, and ultimately… about letting go and embracing the world.

This song is dedicated to anyone who has ever been a part of my life in any way (Including YOU, by listening to this song). Thank you :).

It’s my way of saying goodbye, without saying goodbye.

I hope you guys enjoy! Free download is available, since this song is for you guys. This is still a BETA song, so please leave some feedback! Thanks!

Here we are at the helm of our lives
Falling forward, outward, onward
It’s breaking dawn
Another day, another way
Can you see the new horizon?

It’s time to leave everything behind
It’s time to breathe a landscape, filled with possibilities
To claim the world that lies before our feet
To split into our separate ways

And I know that the drop may be steep
But I tell you, don’t worry, don’t worry
No one’s walking this road alone

Just lend me your ears
Listen softly to this song
And know that we’ll make the leap together
I’ll see you in the end

[Chorus: It’s time to move on
Time to let go
Time to step into the sun
It’s time to claim the life, that lies beyond
It’s time to spread our wings
to make new memories
Embrace the possibilities]

To everyone
To everything
To all the friends, the family
To all the memories shared
To all the hours spent
Smiling, laughing, crying

This is for you
This is for you

So lend me your ears
Settle your fears
Save up your tears for another time
We’ll make this leap together


I believe in second chances
In redemption
In salvation
I’ll leave behind my troubles
I’ve carried too long
Too long

So lend me your ears
Lend me your hearts
And trust we’ll make a new start


And I’ll miss everyone
And I’ll miss everything
I’ll miss all the places I’ve come to know
The faces I’ve seen change and grow
I’ll miss everything it meant to me
I’ll miss everything it meant to me
I’ll miss everything you meant to me

But I’ll save up my tears
If you lend me your ears
Just for a second
Today we face the golden sun
Together apart

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  1. Yo this is amazing! Only thing id say musically is that during the second chorus, bring out the vocals a little bit more. Not alot just a little. Yolu’ve got a great voice, sing it out a little more in the choruses.

    Comment by Sid — July 22, 2010 @ 1:59 pm

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